Wholesale Market Asian F&V Report - New York, NY
NEW YORK Terminal Prices as of 07-DEC-2018                                     
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              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                       
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MISC ASIAN VEGETABLES                                                          
---BEAN SPROUTS: OFFERINGS LIGHT.   10 lb film bags NY 7.00-7.50 5 lb film bags
NY 5.00-5.50                                                                   
---BITTERMELON: OFFERINGS LIGHT.   30 lb cartons HD AIR Indian 45.00           
---BOK CHOY: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   30 lb cartons CA 32.00 35 lb cartons FL   
offerings insufficient to quote 1.6 bushel cartons FL 28.00 10 lb cartons Local
Repack Baby Bok Choy Green Stem (Shanghai) 10.00-12.00 30 lb containers CA Baby
Bok Choy Green Stem (Shanghai) offering insufficient to quote FL Baby Bok Choy 
Green Stem (Shanghai) 19.00-20.00                                              
---CHINESE CABBAGE: OFFERINGS LIGHT.   35 lb cartons FL Nappa 22.00-25.00 1 7/8
bushel cartons CD Quebec Long Type 18.00 30 lb cartons CA Nappa 25.00-30.00 TX 
Nappa holdovers 15.00                                                          
---DAIKON: OFFERINGS LIGHT.   40 lb cartons CA Topped offerings insufficient to
quote celery crates TX With Tops 12s 22.00-26.00                               
---LONG BEANS: OFFERINGS LIGHT.   10 lb cartons per lb Local Repack 1.80       
---MOO: OFFERINGS NONE.   1 1/9 bushel cartons CD Quebec offerings insufficient
to quote fr appear holdovers 12.00-14.00 Repacked Enroute 22.00                
---OPO (LONG SQUASH): OFFERINGS LIGHT.   40 lb containers HD 38.00